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Our Story

Daly’s Donuts dates back to when Alejandra found her passion for baking as a young girl in her mom’s kitchen, while Conor’s love for eating grew faster than his waistband. The signature cinnamon sugar donut recipe has been perfected by Alejandra over many years of making them for friends and family, with Conor being introduced after the pair met in Chicago.

The donuts have long since been Conor’s favorite treat, but it wasn’t until they were enjoyed by a few close friends at his 30th birthday party that the idea of Daly’s Donuts was born. Since deciding to share the freshly baked goods by starting the donut shop in 2023, Daly’s Donuts has continued to bring quality ingredients, family recipes, and the joy of incredible taste to the Chicagoland area. We’re proud to serve customers happiness that is Baked Fresh Daly.


- Alejandra & Conor, Co-Founders 

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